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  • by Robert Mahoney
  • Director, Institutional Technology Solutions, Technology Product Management, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Use Veo? Our 2 Minute Webcast Recap Could Save You Time

Over 450 of you attended our recent webcast about new Veo® features, and nearly 300 of you shared comments. What a turnout—thank you!

Clearly, updates about technology enhancements are a hot topic. Here’s a quick recap that sheds light on some of your great comments and questions.

To better serve your clients, we’d love to keep hearing from you and help you make the most out of Veo. Keep sharing your thoughts on how we can help. Tweet us at @TDA4advisors.

What’s new on Veo?

Veo Account Wizard

We heard the feedback from advisors loud and clear. When it comes to opening and servicing accounts, there were simply too many steps. And, as we know, the more steps and fields that need to be entered manually, the higher the potential for errors. Enter Veo Account Wizard. With Veo Account Wizard, advisors can:

• Receive client account numbers in real time
• Prepopulate information for existing clients
• Save information entered on account applications and resume later to complete
• Open multiple accounts for the same client during a single session
• Select and attach TD Ameritrade Institutional new account supplemental forms and prepopulate the forms with basic demographic information
• Print or electronically send account opening paperwork to your clients for physical or electronic signature

Client data entered into the Account Wizard is stored to eliminate future manual data entry, reduce errors, and streamline the account opening process. With eSignature alone, advisors can take a five-to-seven step process down to about three. What used to take days can now be done in hours. What a great way to improve client service, save time, and money.

Veo Electronic Check Deposits

Another great way to save time and money is by leveraging the ability to deposit client checks right through Veo. Veo Electronic Check Deposits can help minimize the number of checks you need to mail to TD Ameritrade Institutional for processing, which allows for:

• A more seamless deposit experience for you and your clients
• Reduced overnight and other mailing expenses
• Same day “In Good Order” check deposit capability
• Expedited access to leverage funds for trading

Veo Status Tracker

After reviewing data collected by our service center along with anecdotal feedback, we realized that we field quite a few calls simply asking about the status of documents submitted to TD Ameritrade Institutional. So, we thought, why not put that information right at Advisors’ fingertips. To help reduce calls and put more time back in advisors’ hands, we’ve rolled out the Veo Status Tracker—an easier way to track the real-time status of the documents and forms.

It is designed to show you the real-time journey of each document and form, and what action, if any, is required. Everything is conveniently in one place, and can be filtered based on different criteria.

Advisors are getting on board and sharing feedback

When you are used to doing something a certain way for years, it can be difficult to change. We see that advisors who have been here for a number of years are adopting the new features more gradually than newer advisors. Feedback from those who are already using these tools has been positive, and usage numbers are climbing in the right direction.

Advisor thoughts continued rolling in throughout the webcast. In fact, Maria Ageev from Bedell Fraizer Investment Counselling LLC in Walnut Creek, CA is a fan. She’s been using these features for most of their work and says they’re great. Thank you for your support, Maria!

Ilva from Pinafore Wealth Counsel, Inc. in Durham, NC was grateful for the call reporting—she found it very informative. Glad to hear it, llva!

And, to the Advisor who asked if Tom Brady will win SuperBowl 52. We’re as excited to find out as you are. . . I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. And, yes, we do read ALL questions!

Next on the horizon

In my world, it’s all about operational efficiencies. We are always asking ourselves, “Does this make doing business easier, faster, and more efficient?” If so, we move ahead. We’re working hard to bring more core Veo functionality to our newest platform—Veo One. Our goal is to offer you one complete platform to manage your clients’ accounts and to connect to your Veo-integrated third-party applications within one, unified experience.

See for yourself

If you missed our Veo Operational Efficiency webcast, you can view a replay.

Does Veo improve the way you and your staff process daily tasks and free you up to focus on your clients? Could it do something more to help? Leave a comment or tweet us at @TDA4advisors.

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