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  • by Michael Turvey, CFP®, CMT

Have no fear, market volatility is here

If an investment fund was advertising low double digit returns with little to no volatility, how many people would sign up? There’s a few reasons why that’s probably not a good idea, and why a moderate amount of volatility is actually a good thing.

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  • by Michael Turvey, CFP®, CMT

Interest Rates: The Missing Link to Volatility

While 2017 will likely be remembered as the year of low volatility, 2018 is shaping up to be the year where uncertainty around interest rates could produce some instability across capital markets.

As bond yields have steadily risen since September 2017, there’s much talk of rates “normalizing”. What does that mean exactly?

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  • by Clint Cowles, CMT

Forecasting Price Targets with Fibonacci Drawings

Most people involved in the financial markets have probably heard of Fibonacci retracements, or at least the general term Fibonaccis.  But Fibonaccis can be a lot like modern art, Bitcoin, or CrossFit; it sounds cool but they don’t necessarily understand it.  I mean try saying it out loud – fih-boh-nah-chee – see? Fun.

Others may have even drawn a few on their charts to help identify upcoming support but still don’t quite know how to read it.  We’ll take a look at how it’s done and why it works, but we’ll also take it a step further and use multiple drawings on the same chart to increase the probabilities of finding the right levels.

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