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  • by Vanessa Oligino
  • Director, Business Performance Solutions, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Emerging Trend: Compensation Is About More Than Cash

While cash compensation is certainly a key factor in a firm’s ability to attract and retain talent, for today’s workforce it’s typically not the most important one. Today’s employee is looking for a mix of compensation and benefits that, together, reflect their performance and contributions toward firm goals, allow them to achieve work-life balance, and help them work toward securing their financial future.

Consider these questions as you assess the effectiveness of your current compensation strategy:

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  • by John Ruda
  • MD, Inst Strategy & Analytics Advisor Management , TD Ameritrade Institutional

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

We’ve seen more focus on the importance of diversity in the workplace. Diversity is becoming a more mainstream conversation nationally, but not without some controversy. So what can we be thinking about as we look to lead organizations through these challenges?

In a recent a workshop I attended on strategy and innovation, a professor shared a quote:

“If only the organization knew what it already knows.”

R-L: John Ruda, Becca Levin, Matt Brodman, Enya Lee, and Joey Carron at NYC Pride Parade 2017

It stuck with me. I couldn’t help but think about it from our TD Ameritrade perspective. We have thousands of Associates and advisor clients serving millions of investors. That’s a treasure trove of potential solutions to problems, ideas for new programs and services, and other collective knowledge we have within reach. But, without the right environment and attitudes, only a fraction will be uncovered.

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  • by Kate Healy
  • Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional

The Average Advisor Age Nudges Lower

At TD Ameritrade Institutional, we are thrilled to share that our own “AdvoKate” was recently recognized as one of Wealth Management’s “10 to Watch”—its annual list of 10 individuals poised to make a big difference in the wealth management industry in the year ahead. We agree! And we are excited to see Kate Healy continue her tireless work in support of NextGen talent.

The 2017 FA Insight Study of Advisory Firms: People & Pay,  an industry benchmarking report from TD Ameritrade Institutional, recently revealed some news that made me do a little happy dance: Since 2015, the median age of lead advisors has slipped by three years, to 47—a clear sign that the profession is heading in the right direction.

Though there is still a lot of work ahead to keep up this momentum, we deserve to take a minute and relish the fact that our message is getting through, and the dial is finally moving after years of not budging.

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