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Leading the Charge for Integrated Tech

Chris Valleley

Chris Valleley, Director, Technology Product Management, TD Ameritrade Institutional

“We look to the entrepreneurship and ingenuity of third-party technology providers to deliver new and innovative ideas together with us. We work with them in idea creation and to deliver choice, flexibility, and efficiency to our mutual clients.”

This past month, we once again corralled the industry’s most innovative minds at our 5th annual Veo® Open Access Technology Summit in Dallas, TX. The goal for the two-day event was to collaborate with industry-leading third party technology providers on how to continue to provide meaningful integrations to advisors.

One of the topics we discussed was the upcoming release of the Veo dashboard, a unified technology experience that will enable advisors to maximize the efficiency of their existing technology and allow them to spend more of their time serving clients. New features of the dashboard were presented to the attendees to obtain their feedback on how to best finalize development for the rollout of the platform later this year.

The attendees also participated in breakout sessions on various topics from improving workflow and data transfer to marketing and access to client portals. The insights gained were plentiful and have given us new ideas to help us improve our current offerings. Bringing the vendors together to dig deep into pertinent topics helps us gain a holistic view of the opportunities that are out there and enables us to find solutions that work for the vendors, the advisors who use the applications, and for TD Ameritrade.

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  • by Scott Collins
  • Director of Hybrid and Advisor Transitions, TD Ameritrade Institutional

3 Myths and Realities of Becoming an RIA [Infographic]

Infographic: 3 Myths and Realities of Becoming an Independent RIA

Infographic: 3 Myths and Realities of Becoming an Independent RIA

This post is contributed by Scott Collins, Director of Hybrid and Advisor Transitions. Scott leads TD Ameritrade Institutional’s recruiting and consulting efforts for brokers and advisors considering becoming a hybrid or fee-only RIA.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve  watched the financial services industry evolve. Back in the day, an advisor had to align with a large wirehouse firm since it had the technology, research and the brand name. And some still believe that. But the technology revolution we’ve all experienced has created efficiencies, access and awareness that have benefited both clients and advisors.

Today, you don’t have to manage a billion-dollar book of business to break away. Advisors of all levels have an opportunity to break away. They can either join an existing RIA firm or establish their own practice. Both options give them access to world-class research and leading technology, but advisors who chose to establish their own firm also have the ability to build their own brand. But the benefits don’t stop at the advisor—clients also have better resources, tools and information from their advisors, which strengthens the relationship.

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  • by Skip Schweiss
  • President, TD Ameritrade Trust Company
    Managing Director of Advisor Advocacy & Industry Affairs

How to Hitch Your Firm’s Revenues to a Higher-Growth Segment of the Market

Skip Schweiss

Skip Schweiss, Managing Director, Advisor Advocacy & Industry Affairs, TD Ameritrade Institutional

“Skip Schweiss is President and CEO of TD Ameritrade Trust Company, which delivers retirement plan solutions through investment advisers and recordkeepers.”

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We would all probably like to forget the decade of the “Oughts,” that period from 2000 – 2010 that saw two steep declines in equity markets.  Including dividends, the S&P 500 returned an average of just 1.4% per year during that period.1  Registered investment advisors are all too aware of this history, especially considering most of their revenues are tied to market and portfolio performance via asset-based pricing.

What if there was a way to tie revenues – or at least some part of them – to a higher-growth segment of the market, and thus increase the growth rate of firm’s revenues?  Sound appealing?

While the S&P 500 was almost flat for that decade, the defined contribution retirement plan contributions increased by 57%, a compounded annual rate of about 4.6% . Over that time the increase in retirement plan assets outpaced the return on the U.S. equity market by over 300 basis points per year.1  Is this because 401(k) investors are geniuses, better even than Warren Buffett?  Of course not; many of them don’t know a stock from a bond.  But it isn’t what they know, it is what they do, which is continue to add money to their accounts every time they get paid, thus building in a strong growth driver to assets under management.

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