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  • by Kate Healy
  • Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional

AdvoKate: Internships, an inside view

By now, you know that I believe internships are one of the most meaningful ways to bring much-needed NextGen talent to the RIA industry. I’ve used data, research, surveys — anything I could get my hands on — to help tell this story.

Now I’m bringing insight straight from people who know, first-hand, just how important internships are – not only to the future of the industry, but to your business. I reached out to two leaders at firms with fantastic, long-standing internship programs: Heather Fortner from SignatureFD, LLC in Atlanta and Lawrence Becker from JNBA Financial Advisors in Minneapolis.

While both are geographically fortunate to have multiple local colleges and universities with robust financial planning programs from which to source talent, the insight they share can benefit someone looking to start or beef up an internship experience.

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  • by Dani Fava
  • Director of Product Strategy, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Stop Handpicking Stocks and Shop with Ease in Our New Model Market Center

What seems like long ago, advisors realized that they shouldn’t include portfolio performance in their value proposition. That realization was fortunate, as we’re witnessing investment management becoming increasingly commoditized.

In the last five years, the industry has seen the rise of passive investing and robo advisors offering investment management for 30 basis points or less. And in the last 20 years, we’ve seen the number of stocks available on an exchange shrink by more than half. All of these factors may just point to one conclusion: The days of stock picking are all but gone?

Dani Fava, Director of Product Strategy, TD Ameritrade Institutional

However, most Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) still have their own investment office and continue to pick stocks and create strategies, even though that’s not the main focus of their value proposition. This is because there has never been an easy, cost-effective way to outsource the investment management portion of the business … at least, not until now.

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  • by Kate Healy
  • Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional

Make 2018 a Great Year — Start (or Improve) Your Internship Program

Welcome to January! If you’re like me, you try to make a few realistic resolutions for both your personal and professional life. But I’m not here to be your life coach. I just have one simple question: Is one of your goals to do a better job at attracting NextGen talent to your firm?

If this is on your top 10 list of things to improve in 2018 . . . good. Let’s get started. If it isn’t, read on because maybe it should be something you consider in the year ahead.

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