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  • by Shawn Justin
  • Senior Strategist, Tech & Ops Marketing, TD ameritrade Institutional

Tackling the “what ifs” of technology

Imagine being able to measure and understand a client’s emotional state and mood—just from the sound of their voice. Or have an accurate prediction of their life expectancy while you are creating their financial plan.

These are exactly the kinds of things that the TD Ameritrade Advanced Technology team ponders each and every day. And I was lucky enough to attend the team’s session at LINC2018 to hear about how they take seemingly far-fetched ideas and turn them into real-life solutions.

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  • by Shawn Justin
  • Senior Strategist, Tech & Ops Marketing, TD ameritrade Institutional

6 reasons why you should switch to Veo One

I get it. Your workday is busy enough. Why would you want to disrupt it with change until it’s absolutely necessary? But what if I told you that one simple change could save you and your firm time while making it easier to better serve your clients?

At LINC2018, I attended the Veo One presentation hosted by TD Ameritrade Institutional’s Chris Valleley and Mike Madrid. They laid out several compelling reasons why making the switch is well worth the small amount of time and effort it takes to get up and running.

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  • by Lauren Forlenza
  • Senior Manager, FA Insight

The whys and how’s of internal succession planning

In the RIA world, an internal succession strategy is the equivalent of a medical power of attorney among individual consumers. You know you need it, but . . . can we please not talk about it right now? It’s too complicated and there’s so much going on right now.

The problem is that every RIA firm needs to do more than talk about it. Your firm needs a plan in place. Right now.

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